5 Things You Must Know About HaloCouture® Tape-In Extensions


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We’re pretty obsessed with HaloCouture® Tape-In Extensions here at Princeton Salons in Georgia. They’re practically invisible, damage-free and reusable. We talked to two of our hair extensions specialists, Heather Duke at our Gainesville location and Kayla Jones at our Mall of Georgia location who wanted to weigh in on the benefits of HaloCouture® Tape-In Extensions and provide suggestions on how to care for them.

Who can get these extensions?

KAYLA: I have several clients with all types of hair who get hair extensions: Some with finer hair to fill it in, some have long thick hair who want to add length. They’re not really great for curly hair, but if they do a smoothing treatment it could work out.

HEATHER: I don’t suggest these for guests who have hair so thin you can see the scalp. As long as they have at least two inches of hair, but even then, we have the Halo Fall which can go around the hair to add length.


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  1. What is the process like?

KAYLA: Whenever you get your color done, you should get your extensions done. We do a blowout, section the hair off, take a sliver of hair and do what we call “sandwiching” which involves installing the extensions underneath the sliver of hair and then on top of it.

HEATHER: You come in for a consultation, it’s about 10-15 minutes, we determine how many bundles you need and what color, then we use a detoxifying shampoo to remove any build-up, we dry it, we put the hair extensions in. For someone who only needs one pack, they’ll be finished in about an hour, the bonded ones can take longer so it’s not an all day process anymore.

  1. How long do they last?

KAYLA: The hair itself can last a few years. We touch it up and everything. But we suggest getting them moved up every 2-3 months.

HEATHER: They last between 2-3 months depending on growth pattern. For most people it’s every hair color service.

  1. What is the maintenance/styling like? Specifically for the summer when we go to the beach/pool?

KAYLA: Every 2-3 months you get them moved up, as long as they are taking care of them.

For summer, I usually tell guests to put their hair up in a bun, ponytail or braids. You can get in the water, but they could get matted if it’s grown out, as long as you’re not being reckless with them you’ll be fine. Be gentle.

HEATHER: The thing you want to remember is that you don’t want to tease your hair or brush your bonds and you should be using an extension brush like a boar bristle brush or a loop brush. Don’t put any oils, alcohol-based products or heating tools on the bonds.

  1. Does it match well with most hair color?

KAYLA: Halo has a very wide spectrum of color and even fashion colors, which are great if they want to add pops of color without having to lift. They have rooted, balayage, highlights, low lights, we just hold it up to the hair and nine times out of ten you’re going to find a match. One thing I like to do if someone has an ombre or balayage is mix and match, we can sandwich blonde underneath and darker on top for a cool ombre look. It’s completely customizable.

HEATHER: They have endless options. I’ve never had a client that I couldn’t match color to. You can always re-color because it’s human hair. Clients are usually blown away at how well they match.

  1. What are some products that help take care of these extensions?

KAYLA: Don’t use anything too oily. Use Smooth Infusion Nourishing Creme on ends. Dry shampoo is a must. You want to keep the bonds dry. Make sure that if they get wet, you put on the dry shampoo immediately.

HEATHER: I recommend guests get a keratin treatment on the extensions since they add to blow-drying time and it’ll keep them tangle-free. Use a heat styling product like Aveda Heat Relief Thermal Dry Conditioner. I also love Light Elements Smoothing Fluid.



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